Friday, March 12, 2010

How does your garden grow? (part one)

I don't actually have a "garden" per se, but I love to garden (verb). This year I'm taking it to the streets thanks to the inspiration of a like-minded fellow on the other side of the internet who sees the potential for color and life in everyday surroundings.

The weather here was warmer than usual lately. (Isn't is always warmer, colder, wetter, dryer, or snowy-er than usual? What is usual?) So I took a few lunchtime walks to scout the area. On the second walk, in my pocket were two packets of Batchelor Button seeds from last year. The packet claims that they can be planted in early spring so I found some areas on the edge of overgrowth; not too shady, not too sunny, and sprinkled some seeds in about four different spots where the ground is wonderfully rich and loose from years of decaying leaves. I tamped them in with my shoe. And - bonus - we are expecting scattered rain for the next few days. I'll be checking up on them with water if need be.

There is an old tree stump almost directly across from the driveway at work. Inspired by (read: copying???) Rob's idea, I'm thinking about planting some flowers in it. I'll have to time this right. A few hundred yards away is the town parks and rec department. I don't know if they'll appreciate my invading their turf. Further down is the P.A.L. facility so there is the occasional police presence. There is also a security detail making the rounds through the parking lots of the offices on this street. Scattering seeds is easy. Carrying potted flowers and a baggie of planting medium is a whole 'nother story. (gets that heart pumping!)

I have quite a few more seed packets of various sorts to sprinkle over the next week or two. So many seeds, so few pockets.....

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