Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book Review - The Good Good Pig

Timing is everything, isn't it? Just as I was finishing The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery several bloggers were posting about the pigs they are raising (for good eatin'). I haven't had bacon in many months, y'all have fresh pork on the hoof in your barnyard, and this book has ALMOST sworn me off ham! It just isn't fair, I tell ya.....

My mother told me about The Good Good Pig, even though she has not read it yet. (We pass book alerts to each other.) It was recommended to her by my dear sister-in-law, who has been blessed for many years with a job I envy - working around books and people. Needing a "lighter" book to fill a gap (since I always try to have a book available for laundry night, rainy lunch hours, and some evenings) I stopped at a nearby library to borrow said volume.

This true story about the full and successful life of a litter runt, who was blessed with being nurtured by a generous couple, was a good choice. The account of his actions weaves a tale of a pig that touched many lives. It may seem a bit syrupy or “Charlotte’s Web” at times, showing how people reacted to him and what they learned from him. Christopher’s actions, escapades, grunts, likes, and dislikes are so detailed that I feel as if I had known him. The descriptions are clear enough for me to visualize the hens trying to get his food scraps, a large pig running through the pasture, or the author rushing off after being called that he had been digging up a neighbors yard.

The ending did surprise me. The revelations, or realizations, of the effect that this pig had on folks who met him were interesting. It is a book about the value of relationships, and I’m glad to have come across it.

Now, perhaps I had better fix a bacon and egg sandwich this weekend….

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