Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looks like more changes are coming!

Wow, I've got some homework to do now. I'm impressed by the comments/suggestions in my last post and want to learn more about the worm bins suggested by Sharon and Kate. I've got a small deck off the kitchen where I have my "garden" in the summer. I'm sure I could squeeze in some "critters" :) So Sharon, I'll be contacting you for info!

Regarding the home made detergent, here is a link with 10 "recipes". Some are powdered, some are liquid. I make a powdered mix, basically because I don't want to make a mess. I use about a scoop per laundry load so it lasts for a looong time. I have made it both with and without the grated soap, and either way is acceptable to me. The process of cleaning clothing is really having water and cleaning product pass through the fibers, then rinse out. I don't go for all the fancy products as long as my whites come out white.

I use a rack to dry as much as possible. Sheets, towels, and jeans get tossed into the dryer due to lack of space. Seriously, in a one bedroom condo I'd be hanging them as drapes!

Gardening, recycling, cloth bags, cutting back on meat, it all counts. I'm glad there are so many folks out there who are doing these *little* things to help save energy and resources. We're all in this together.


Scattering Lupines said...

I also read an article recently that talked about using your Coffee Maker's Burner for melting butter or chocolate for baking. They said it saves energy. Thoughts?

MyStory of HiStory said...

I'd really like to do the worm thing. Thanks for the recipe link!

farmlady said...

Thank you for all the wonderful information. Folks need to pay attention. Some of these things are so simple. Small changes add up...

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hello Lupines,
That is interesting! I would think that the Coffee Maker's Burner would definitely use less emergy than the burner on a gas or electric range...can you link the article for me? I'd love to read it.

Hi MyStory,
Tipnut has all sorts of good "recipes".

Hi farmlady,
Hearing from everyone has been motivation for me. I good to see that so many folks are helping.