Sunday, November 8, 2009

White Rabbit

It's a beautiful fall day, bright, sunny, and warm. And, with so many things to do - I overslept. I felt like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, clutching a pocketwatch and rushing through the morning routine.

After my first cuppa coffee I started on this recipe from the Daily Green newsletter of curried and sweet potato soup. (I used red lentils because I had them on hand.)

I read somewhere that it's the root end of an onion that will make your eyes water. I have very sensitive eyes so I used only the top half of a very large onion for this recipe, and no tears. I'll be saving the bottom half for another day, and I'll note my reactions to cutting into it. My cherished garlic from the Farmers' Market is in this recipe. I should have bought more.....

The final result. Super easy and tasty, with just enough spice to warm your insides. (I've noted on my printed copy of the recipe to double the sweet potato next time.) Most of this will be going into the freezer for a hot meal on a cold day, but I'm going to enjoy a bowl for lunch today.

Next up, dealing with this little gem. He's boiling away now, and he's also headed to the freezer.

I've got an afghan drying out on the deck, and I'll be planting some daffodils and grape hyacinths by my front steps. (I'm looking forward to a cheery spring.) And I hope to get in some good photos today of places I've been passing during the week.

I'm late, but I'm catching up!


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

The soup looks great..and that pumpkin is adorable..I just got back from a trip to Target for a new shower curtain and bath mat....and I drove by a house all decked out in.....CHRISTMAS..... HUH???? I want to enjoy Thanksgiving first.....

More later,

Scattering Lupines said...

I can't wait until we own a house! I am going to plant 10 bulbs a year for 30 years!

Why IS it so easy to oversleep on days when there's SO much to be done??? I do the same thing.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Kary,
Yes, as much as I love Christmas, even I can't understand that!

Hi Lupines,
I am currently in a condo, but they let us sneak in some flowers around the doorways. It gives a more "comfy" feeling.

Best wishes, all!