Thursday, November 12, 2009


It’s possible that I’m either catching up on much needed rest after the fast-paced summer and fall, or I’m part bear and am preparing for hibernation. I have not only fallen asleep early this week, I have welcomed sleep, retiring at an hour which would have seen me still outside just a few months ago.

My decision to tune out for November is turning out to be a wise choice. I believe that once in a while the body needs to slow to a snails pace or risk crumpling. We are too often bombarded with stimulation at every turn. We process information for eight hours daily at work and then submit ourselves to even more each evening if we choose to sit in front of the television. Programs designed to catch and hold attention are interrupted by commercials with the same goal. If it’s not good for children, why would it be acceptable for adults? Are we now raising future generations of senior citizens with attention problems? I question whether the Nintendo Wii is simply a glossed-over gimmick to keep us dependent on that screen.

During the past two weeks, in place of keeping my ear on the tube while cooking, cleaning, or sewing; I have cooked, cleaned, and sewn. I try to read a little each day, and have found some good radio stations for times when I choose to have music. Our roads are designed for cars, not walkers, so I mall-walk with a friend after work. I keep up with important news via radio simply because television doesn’t hold the rights to the news, it is available elsewhere.

The most important change is that I’ve allowed myself time to rest. Perhaps I’m getting ready for a big spring….(insert growl and a big yawn here)


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I am so glad to hear that you love those tins too...they are so old fashion and homey..

More later,


MyStory of HiStory said...

I've said before (so I just cut & pasted from an old post :) ....

HDTV + MP3 + Wii + PS3 + IM + DVD + DSL + MTV + AIM + HBO + IPOD + X-BOX + PC + ETC. = ADHD

Happy Hibernating!!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Kary,
...and the cookies are tasty!

Hi MyStory,
That is a great equation!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I just got home and enjoyed reading your "REST" post...I thought,,,whats the matter with me..I am so sleepy at 5 o the summer I would be watering the I am ready for a bath and bed....glad it's not only me....
hibernation is right....

have a cozy, restful weekend.

more later,