Sunday, May 10, 2009

The most beautiful morning

I live in one of the busiest areas of the northeastern United States, dealing with the joys and aggravations it brings. Life here can be a blessing since I never have to go far if I run out of milk, or it can be annoying when I95 is a complete standstill and I’m able to see an exit ahead but can’t get to it. I enjoy all four seasons; wonderful beaches in summer, richly colored fall foliage, spring-flowering dogwoods and lilacs, and the peace of a winter snowfall. The area is rich in history, having Boston on the east, Manhattan (New Amsterdam) on the west, Philadelphia and Valley Forge to the south, and Ticonderoga/Lake Champlain on the northwest. On the other hand, commuting to work around here is a drain of life energy. So I enjoy the good and deal with the aggravations.

This past weekend, however, I escaped the maddening crowd by visiting my oldest son and his family, who live near the beautiful spot in these photos. These pictures were taken after a night of rain, the clouds just lifting in the early morning. It was still damp and chilly, but absolutely beautiful.

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