Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New bread from ancient grain

I found some einkorn flour and products in the natural foods stores near me.  One small natural foods market had the best selection.  There I found packaged flour and some crackers made from this grain.  At Whole Foods I bought a box of delicious chocolate and vanilla checkerboard cookies made from einkorn.

This morning I baked a load of bread using the recipe on the package of flour.

In this condo I seem to have a problem with getting a good rise on my bread.  It could just be the yeast, or maybe it's just too cool in here.  But the flavor is really good.  It's not the same as a loaf of store-bought white bread.  It has a sweeter or nuttier taste, reminds me a bit of cornbread.  It's so hard to explain but it is good and I'll be making it often.

I've seen a recipe online using some of the bread dough to make cinnamon rolls....Mmmmm!

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