Sunday, May 17, 2015

so swiftly did Spring fly past

I can't believe it's already the middle of May and my bike is still in the basement!  Just a few short weeks ago we New Englanders were complaining commenting on the cold, snowy weather that stretched into April.  Now we live in the mid- to high-80s.  Yesterday's rain brought out an amazing crop of weeds in my garden plot so I spent a few hours there (with sunscreen and a bottle of water.)

Earlier today I had also "weeded" through my clothes closets and filled three trash bags with winter sweaters, skirts, blazers, and coats for the thrift shop.  Everything was in very good condition, and most was hardly ever worn.  I've "settled" for clothing that I wasn't happy with.  Big (costly) mistake.  The solution to not having that happen again is simple; sew more so I can have the styles I like.

I think the best most recent year I've had (as far as clothing goes) is the year I enjoyed refashioning items using my older patterns.  I still wear this simple top from 2010!  So I'll be visiting the nearby thrift shops to find some clothing with usable fabric.

Please stop by Kerry's blog to see my pattern stash on May 18th!  Recently, she asked about my penchant for the 60s/70s and I told her a little about my past  ;)
She has a wonderful blog and is hosting the 2015 Vintage Pattern Pledge for some very interesting sewing folk!

Heading into the kitchen now to make some tortillas.  They come in mighty handy on these hot days!  Just fill and pack up for lunch at work  :)

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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