Thursday, April 30, 2015

New growth!

Ah, the joy of little green sprouts!

(snow peas)

I've been working at my new garden plot a little at a time (boy, am I out of shape!).  The ground is very heavy New England loam with rocks!  Even worse, the previous plot owner had used wood chips as a means to keep down weeds (and weeding).  They were somewhat mixed in when I started and my hand-tilling mixed them further.
I've added some peat moss to the raised beds, and plan on topping everything with a good layer of leaves this fall that will be turned in next spring.

But I'm getting too far ahead of myself!  Getting back to the present, I've been doing some research on planting by the cycles of the moon.  Since it's still early, this is a good opportunity for the experiment.  In my region, I can plant vegetables that bear their crops above ground until Sunday.  Then it changes to planting things like onions and carrots during the moon's waning period.  There's a wealth of info on the internet about this, including here and here.  I'll post about my little plot as the season progresses.

Of course, I bought too many seed packets.  Everything looked so good :)  

I'm enjoying my peaceful mornings of watering before going to work, listening to the birds greet the day.  I'm hoping you also have many wonderful mornings!



barbara woods said...

i can't wait until we plant our garden , we have red Ga. clay so it takes forever to dry enough to plow

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Barbara,
I sympathize with you! I miss the sandy soil from previous gardens.

Wishing you a prolific garden this year. :)