Sunday, February 1, 2015

Senior Prom 1972

When one of my co-workers proudly showed us photos of the dress her daughter wore to last year's senior prom, I couldn't believe how much fashion had changed from our gowns in the early 70s.  Or maybe it was just the area where I was raised, but we evaluated our best features differently from the practice of today ;)

So this morning I dug through my old photos and found a snapshot from my senior prom, complete with shimmering makeup and lightly teased hair.

I had made my dress from Simplicity 9356 (View 2), adjusting the length.  It's difficult to tell from the snapshot, but the sleeves did have the double layer seen on the pattern envelope.  The lightweight fabric was known as "whipped cream" and the layers fluttered with movement.

Just a few years ago, I found a copy of this pattern online.  I may never make it again but it's nice to have it.  Who knows?!  By the time one of my granddaughters graduate, it might be back in style....or maybe not (* grin *)

Actually, I'm liking the look of V 2 in that mustard-y yellow with red rick rack on the sleeves.....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  We're looking at another round of overnight snow and freezing rain, just in time to go to work tomorrow :)



Anonymous said...

It is beautiful! You did great!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Thank you. It was one of my favorites :)

Kestrel said...

Very pretty dress. Definitely really different from current prom dresses but all the better for it