Tuesday, July 8, 2014

R & R

Lazy and moving slow. I'm near the finish of my annual vacation and just returned from several days on the road, visiting family and friends far away. Our Independence Day holiday was the perfect foil for my personal independence from responsibility.

We had a small gathering of the clan up north, including the Cityfolks and Citygrandbaby.  It was wonderful to see people catch up when they've spent years apart.  It's amazing where their lives have taken them, how they've matured, and what their plans are for the (near) future, but still see that strong connection to their past.

I was able to connect with some older friends on this trip, which made it even sweeter.  We spent an evening sitting on the front porch until after dark, chatting away.  I found out who has moved, who is doing well, and who has recently married.  I keep thinking of that saying: "Make new friends but keep the old.  One is silver, the other is gold."  Yes, they truly are gold.  We have history.  We've been through both good and not-so-good, each had our own problems, shared laughs, put together suppers from the "nothings" deep in the kitchen cabinets, and made life a little friendlier.  We aren't offended by the others' political leanings.  In fact, it may make being friends more interesting.  Email will never replace a front porch.

The mountain views and the sunsets were magnificent.  I'll never know why I didn't think about taking photos.  I just let them burn their images into my memory.  The details may fade but I'll still see them as magical.  Even the day it drizzled on and off.  The soft mist made the mountains more lush.  Right now I can see the grass at the park, worn and browned where it gets the most foot traffic.  Green and soft under the trees where we sat.

I came back with no souvenirs...no thrifted finds.  This time my car trunk came home filled with dirty clothes.....and one pound of terrific coffee beans ;)

So tonight I may fall asleep on the couch, one last night of independence.  Tomorrow morning I'll have some of that coffee, pack up a lunch, leave for work and get ready to face so very many unread emails!


Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello again!


Though I may not have put a single word to paper (or, to screen), I have been around.  I took a bit of a break from expressing my thoughts to enjoy life’s adventures.  And I kept popping in to check on your world(s).  I may have lacked an online presence but I was, and am, still here J

I’m looking forward to the first birthday of my newest grandson in a few weeks.  I enjoy my monthly rail trip into NYC to give him hugs and kisses and see him grow.  This Sunday just can’t come fast enough!  I’ll be on an early train J

Another DS and his wife announced that they are expecting this fall.  Whoo-hoo!  Now I’ve got even more reasons for my northern road trips.  I’m so happy for them and know that they will be terrific parents.

And…..we’re getting (most of) the family together this summer.  Those of us who were able to schedule the time will be spending a few days in joyous (raucous?) togetherness.

I am still blessed to have my Mother here.  She is somewhat weaker but still doing well, having celebrated her 95th birthday just a little while ago.  And she enjoys her first great-great-grandchild, a darling boy who would have been my sister’s first great-grandchild.

I’ve used the internet more for research than for entertainment this past year.  I’ve found some interesting sites and information that I’ll be sharing.  But I did find time to watch Doc Martin, Broadchurch, and some other great British shows.

I haven’t done much stitching these past few months but I’m ready now!  I’ll be re-joining Friday Night Sew In, and possibly joining in a self-stitched monthly challenge.  Any new ones out there for refashioning?  Or maybe I can find the link to my biking mileage and get that going, again!

Here’s hoping we all have a wonderful summer …. or Winter, if you are that many miles away J

We’ll chat soon…..