Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Natural Intentions

It was a dark and stormy night....

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon a few weeks back and I was cleaning like a madwoman, having neglected my household chores for the past week.  From mail that needed sorting to dusting and clearing the living room and more, I had enough to keep me painfully inside for the day.  When I settled into the kitchen to prepare a few meals for the week I set up my laptop as usual.  I looked for something interesting to listen to on the internet while I chopped, simmered, and packaged, and that day it turned out to be a very interesting podcast.

The Splendid Table with Lynn Rosetto Kasper is an all-time favorite of mine.  I used to listen to her on the radio when I lived up north, the local station played it when I was driving to work (early afternoon, for second shift.)  I'm so glad that this internet thing has given her a broader audience so that now I can listen to any episode, whenever I want!  So on that Sunday, I hit a few clicks and listened.

A few minutes into this episode she interviewed Jo Robinson, author of the new book Eating on the Wild Side.  Ms Robinson has examined hundreds (or thousands?) of studies on the properties of foods, and presented the findings from the studies in this book.  She explains how to select... let's say, apples... based on which varieties contain the most nutrients.  As we moved away from being hunter-gatherers and turned to farming, we selected more palatable varieties and left the "natural" selections.  Of the most common apples now available, she writes that the Granny Smith is one of the most desirable based on nutrition.  And if choosing a red apple, pick the one with the most color.  It was on the outer or top branches of the tree and produced the most phytonutrients.

I couldn't possibly do justice trying to explain the detailed information she gives in this project, so please take a listen to any (or all) of the following interviews as she explains what you will find in her book.  From how to choose and store lettuce, how to get the most benefits from garlic, I have learned so much from her!  (I'm currently trying to find purple carrots!  Read why in her book...)

The Splendid table


HuffPost Live

And here is her website: EatWild

I've changed my choices when shopping, looking for the best I can possibly do for myself.  I've also changed my way of thinking.  Now that expression of how Nature always provided exactly what we need to feed our bodies makes more sense.  If I am not meant to be a hunter-gatherer, at least I can choose to make the best choices.

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