Wednesday, July 24, 2013

sweet comfort!

Ahhhh!  It's a lovely evening of 74 degrees and there are wonderful breezes drifting through every open window in my small home.  I think I'll just sit here and enjoy it :)

Have a fantastic evening!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Testing the limits

We're enjoying a break in the hot, humid weather that we've had recently.  Although our heat was nothing like the 100+ temps elsewhere, the heat index hit 100 and more for the past seven days.  Even at night it did not cool down enough to make a difference.  We've had nine days over 90 this month, which was aggravated by the high humidity here in New England.

But this morning I was able to throw open the windows and doors until around 10:30, when the sun rose high.  Getting some fresh air inside made a great difference.  I was beginning to feel like a mushroom, always in the dark!  The shades are pulled all day to keep the house as cool as possible.  The floor model air conditioner runs most of the night (Thank goodness for the timer that turns it off after I'm asleep!)

Other than a short walk at lunch and a nice long walk at the shore last weekend, I've spent most of my time indoors.  So reading The River of Doubt made me feel like a wimp about the weather.

Nonfiction has become my thing.  So this accounting of Theodore Roosevelt's journey down South America's uncharted river was exactly the book I needed for those times when I had a spare hour...the occasional lunch break with no commitments, at the laundry after work, an evening when everything else was caught up.  I learned some very interesting and personal things about our former president; that he would push himself to the limit, each time to a further extreme.  And he expected the same from his children.  He taught them not only to face challenges but to look for them.  It was this mindset that brought him to this expedition after the loss in his bid for the presidency.  He needed a tougher challenge and charting the unknown territory of the River of Doubt filled that need.

Through the daily journaling of members of this expedition, the hardships seem inhuman.  From the struggle between man against nature to man against man, it was grueling.  In a setting as beautiful and unspoiled as the Garden of Eden, life and death truly are commonplace events.  The Amazon absorbed living things as if it were a living organism itself.

The insights into the personalities of Theodore Roosevelt and his son, Kermit, were fascinating.  Through an incredible amount of research, Candice Millard presented a glimpse into the man who once led the United States.  I had never studied this president before but will do more reading about him after this.

It put our little "heat wave" into perspective  ;)


Friday, July 12, 2013

Free movies, changes, and community

I have to count my blessings when I see struggling for others.  Yes, I may grumble and even complain a bit, but I think I have a very good life.  I have been given many challenges by my Creator (or Fate, or the natural flow of things....take your choice), but I am doing okay.

We all have those contacts through work who we never meet...the voice on the other end of the phone.  Someone with whom we could be really good friends if they lived nearby instead of the other side of the country.  One of my "phone" friends has had a really tough year that started on the first week of January.  So far she had lost two very close family members, and today there was another.
My prayers are with her tonight, as she faces another week that will bring all these losses together and test her one more time.  From across the country, I'm hoping she feels this hug.

The day brought more bad news.  A friend from the office is no longer with the company.  It was unannounced, and most co-workers still do not know about it.  (I found out through happenstance.)  I will be calling with an offer as a reference, since I personally know of this fellow's strong work ethic.

One of my neighbors is on a fixed income (retired) and doesn't get out as much anymore, so I found a free movie night at a nearby church and drove us there.  The movie was good (a bit long, but good.)  But the interesting thing is that this church is looking for other ways of getting people together....possibly a games night, or a bingo night.  The church isn't my denomination but that really doesn't matter.  I think it's a great way to build community.  How great to get people OUT of their houses and talking to each other!  We're all connected, or at least....we should be!

I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with friends and family and community  :)


Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's so hot that ....

....I saw two trees fighting over a dog!

....the Habanero peppers in my garden are looking for shade. notice that the best parking space is determined by shade instead of distance.

Stay cool, and enjoy these fascinating photos of fun at the beach back in the day (courtesy


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Chillin' on a HOT 4th :)

A phone call last night brought me to Pound Ridge, NY this morning for a leisurely brunch with friends.  The shady outdoor cafĂ© provided relief from the rising temps. It was a perfect welcome to the 4th.

Pound Ridge is quite a distance for me to go for an egg and some toast, but the real reason for our journey was the annual antiques fair in town.  Every 4th of July vendors gather on this quiet street to sell some of their finest goods.  There were very vintage quilts in lovely condition and many vendors with jewelry, one with tools, several with books and paintings.  (I almost caved when I saw a wall-mount coffee grinder marked $38, and was tempted to make an offer.....but I'm sure they wouldn't take $25 so early in the day.)  I stopped twice at the stall with small tables and old school desks.  The pieces were in great condition, and an old wicker clothes hamper with wooden hinged lid was painted a lovely milky white and kept calling my name.....


My one purchase of the day was from the gentlemen who bring breads, cheeses and cured meats from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.  A piece of tasty provolone will go nicely with salad for some easy suppers in this HOT weather.  These guys are at the Elephant's Trunk every Sunday, and it would be worth the trip for a loaf of their beautiful handmade bread.

Starting tomorrow, and running through Sunday, Pound Ridge holds an annual town wide tag sale.  If Sunday's weather co-operates, I may be back this way :)

Cooling off now, cookout later!  I hope you're having a safe and happy 4th!