Sunday, June 30, 2013

Treading lightly - Making a mark

For these past 10 years or more I've been reducing my usage of utilities, resources, and consumables.  I've searched for like-minded people who could inspire me with new ideas.  I've joined online challenges to make small changes that add up to big (eco) savings, from breaking the bottled water habit to refashioning clothing from secondhand shops.  I've found all sorts of incredible folks out there who have lived in converted school buses run on recycled vegetable oil, or make a living from creating things out of salvaged bits.  I've strayed from the "mainstream" mindset of wanting more (and going deeper into debt to obtain it!)  I try to make less of a "footprint" on the earth.

So as I traveled through NYC to meet my new grandbaby on Saturday, I was struck by this incredible view from the train

5Pointz was a former meter factory that has been converted into studios for the world's most renown graffiti artists.  Operated by Meres, one of the most prominent artists, potential crafters must present a portfolio to be accepted.  Along with the incredible designs on the outside of the building, separate spaces inside the building showcase these gems.  It has been an epicenter for aerosol artists from around the world.

If only the train had stopped so I could get better pictures!  In checking this online, I found that the owners of the building are going to demolish it and plan to build multiple level luxury housing.  As saddened as I am when I see graffiti creeping into rural areas, with bright paint contrasting Nature's deep tones, I feel more of a loss that this collaborative effort will be destroyed.  I'm hoping for another option, so that they can continue somewhere.

...and it was a WONDFERFUL visit with my grandson, and his mom and dad!


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