Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring jacket refashion

I've got a serious Spring wardrobe deficit.  All my clothes are grey, black, and white.  Now that those beautiful flowers are brightening up everything outside, I need to brighten up me.  So I drove off to Goodwill this morning to see if I could find anything perky.  I did find one yellow top and this bright orange-y red jacket.  (I apologize about the photo doesn't accurately show how bright it really is.)

With yellow price tags reduced by 50%, this was only $6!  If I mess up this refashion, it's not a big loss  :)

First thing was to rip out those overbearing, outmoded shoulder pads.


Next I cut off the lapels and gathered them before reattaching.  I cropped the sleeves and the bottom hem, and cut off excess front so that it no longer buttons closed.  In retrospect, I should have taken in the sides to make it more fitted since the original jacket was somewhat boxy.  But for $6 and 3 hours of work, I think it will brighten up my workday!


I'd like to make one in fuchsia, so I'll be searching through another thrift shop next weekend.

Wishing you a great evening!

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Anthea said...

I love this!! What a bargain and now you have such a swish jacket to wear... I should take a leaf from your book, I too wear a lot of black... x