Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Here in New England we are in one of the prettiest times of year.  The crocus have finished, but the daffodils, tulips, and forsythia are putting on a wonderful show.  The flowering trees are also decked out in their many shades of pink and white.  Dogwoods buds are showing promise.  While all of those are carefully planted by loving homeowners, there are other Springtime flowers that greet us if we are lucky enough to find them.

I stumbled upon these last weekend.


If the weather stays nice this week, I'll take some evening walks to look for more.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring jacket refashion

I've got a serious Spring wardrobe deficit.  All my clothes are grey, black, and white.  Now that those beautiful flowers are brightening up everything outside, I need to brighten up me.  So I drove off to Goodwill this morning to see if I could find anything perky.  I did find one yellow top and this bright orange-y red jacket.  (I apologize about the photo color...it doesn't accurately show how bright it really is.)

With yellow price tags reduced by 50%, this was only $6!  If I mess up this refashion, it's not a big loss  :)

First thing was to rip out those overbearing, outmoded shoulder pads.


Next I cut off the lapels and gathered them before reattaching.  I cropped the sleeves and the bottom hem, and cut off excess front so that it no longer buttons closed.  In retrospect, I should have taken in the sides to make it more fitted since the original jacket was somewhat boxy.  But for $6 and 3 hours of work, I think it will brighten up my workday!


I'd like to make one in fuchsia, so I'll be searching through another thrift shop next weekend.

Wishing you a great evening!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A comeback, of sorts

Well, in the midst of shedding Winter and gearing up for Spring (now that it's really here in the northeast!), there was a small story on the news today that merits mentioning.  Here in the U.S., we "lost" the baked goods company that produced many age-old snack products and breads that were popular for many, many years (since before my time .....now that's old!)  Bits and pieces of the company's rights have been sold off, resulting in the comeback of the Twinkie sometime this summer!

I was never thrilled over these little gems.  They always disappointed me.  The filling was too sweet for my taste, and the cake was bland.  But they had quite a following, based on the "twinkie hoarding" before they disappeared.  Wonder bread, on the other hand, was an indulgence I partook about once every other year or so.  Having grown up taking sandwiches made with Wonder bread to school, I sometimes wanted to re-live that.  (Yes, it's a plain carb with no redeeming value and it sticks to the roof of your mouth....but we all have our guilty pleasures ;)

Well, the Twinkie returns.  Can Wonder bread be far behind?

Have a great Friday!  Here comes the weekend  :)

Who knows, I may be the first in line to buy a Twinkie when they hit the shelves just to see if I was wrong.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

odd bird

It is a rare Sunday morning that I have the opportunity to relax with a cup of coffee, no pressing errands ahead of me.  This past Sunday was one of those mornings....catching up on emails and planning my day.  Until I heard the "thunk".  Followed a few minutes later by another "thunk".  It turned out that there was a somewhat confused large red robin sitting on the railing of my deck.  He saw me through the glass door and flew off.

(Please excuse my verrrry dirty glass door!)

A few minutes later he was back, hitting the glass again and again.....and again.  I peeked around the doorway to the kitchen so he wouldn't notice me and watched as he sat on the railing and attacked the glass.  Fearing for his safety (and not wanting an injured bird on my conscience), I went out in my nightclothes and washed this winter's residue from the sliding door.  Could he have thought a speck of dirt was an insect?  Well, let's rule that out.  Satisfied that the dirt would no longer attract his attention, I poured a fresh cup of coffee.

Yeah, right, I'll get to enjoy that....he came back!  When he saw me he proceeded to attack my neighbor's door!  I heard her chase him, too, so we chatted and she told me he had been doing this to her door on Saturday!  I made a quick call to relatives and was advised to hang something "flutter-y" in front of the door to chase him.

So now there are two aluminum foil "icicles" blowing in the breeze on my back deck, hanging from the joists of the deck above.  It's a windy morning so they should work!  They may look like a crude lawn ornaments but I know what they really are   ;)

Updated: My neighbor informed me that he came back on Monday morning while I was at work, but he didn't stay for long.  Does anyone know why he's doing this?  Any advice on how to stop him before he gets hurt?????

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Old New England

There are still a few places in New England where you can almost "see" the past.  Passing through a small town you will find a building that remained useful and vibrant for a century or more.  On my road trip last week I travelled through one of these towns.  It was an agricultural town until recently.  Now the farmers have mostly passed on and the current residents either commute or have occupations where they can work from home.

In this particular town some of the structures built in it's early days still remain.  The railroad depot has been converted into a small grocery store and is in beautiful condition.  Across the street is the Blue Seed feed and grain store, which now enjoys a good life as a restaurant.

The library is quite striking, with it's tall steeple.  It has the appearance of a religious meetinghouse from years past.  And it looks like it has quite a bit of life ahead of it, having received the proper maintenance over the years.

Next to it is an old town cemetary.  Had I the time, I would have enjoyed walking through to read the headstones and pay my respect to the early settlers of this part of New England.

Just further down this road, past the iron bridge, is an ususual church.  Still being used today, it stands proudly at the crest of a small rise.

There's a 2-block area of commerce with service station, convenience store.  It's a town in which I could see myself living.  I'll be back later this spring to explore (including the artisnal bakery just down the street from the church.....)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How sweet the sound

Our National Anthem, sung loud and off-key, sounded so beautiful.....
With deepest thanks and respect to all our law enforcement members everywhere for their tireless work

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A gentle giant....

......as long as you keep your distance.

There, in the brush.....blending in so well......
A young moose, casually enjoying the tender green tips of the wintering trees and bushes.
One of Nature's creatures.

Just beautiful!

Friday, April 12, 2013

freezing rain, blindspots, white knuckles....this is April???

Unpacking can wait until tomorrow.  There's a cold bottle of Shed Mountain Ale calling........