Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Old denim is so good!

When my boys were small I made a denim quilt for each of them.  Having young boys in the house meant that there were times when I'd have a pile of jeans beyond repair.  And each summer they would want to turn their current favorite pairs into cutoffs, leaving the legs as scraps.  The only monetary outlay would be for a backing and batting so these projects were economical, saving coin then....and now, when they're still being used!  Batting is optional for a denim quilt since the fabric is inherently warm.  Did you ever sit in the summer sun wearing heavy denim jeans?   ;)

Each of their denim quilts are styled differently.  Two of them are blends of patterns, and one is a "Trip Around the World" using various shades of denim, although it has softened to a more subtle variation with years of washing.  That's one of the benefits of denim...it ages beautifully.  New is nice, but denim that has history is a soft and cozy friend.

A short while back I was inspired to work with denim again in a quilt block pattern that I had been admiring.  Something elegant in its simplicity, a disappearing nine patch.  It actually took longer to get all the jeans from friends and family than it did to stitch the blocks :)

But soooo worth the time....

Nine blocks, sewn into three strips

Three strips, now sewn together
I picked up some 100% cotton on sale for the backing and my plan is to have it quilted and bound for my trip north in early April.  It's a surprise for my youngest son.  Don't tell!


Anthea said...

Oh wow, I love this! What a great idea of re-using demin, all softened by years & love. Very clever!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hello Anthea,

Thank you!

Denim is also very "forgiving".....it eases a bit to help match seams ;)