Sunday, February 10, 2013

More mess on the way....

Short update: Even though the governor has lifted the travel ban, the mayor has imposed a local ban on vehicles.  The condo parking lot has not been plowed and I haven't heard a plow go down our street yet....

Looking forward: Monday's weather will warm up and bring a "wintry mix"...snow, sleet, rain.  Now THAT concerns me.  Once the rain starts, it's got no place to go, so I'm envisioning lakes out there on top of the snow.

So on Saturday I baked some oatmeal cookies, prepped some meals for the week, shoveled, talked to friends and relatives on the phone, and watched some old episodes of Newhart on youtube :)

Our HOA requires us to clear our decks of snow to prevent building issues, and I was happy to see everyone complying.

My deck sits 26" above ground level.  During normal snowfalls I can easily just push the stuff right off.

But the drifting snow built its way up the railing.  The snow that I shoveled off the deck had to be tossed over the top.  (You might just see the tip of the yardstick peeking out of the snowpile.)

Just clearing off this small deck took almost an hour.  (If you count the 20 minutes it took to shovel down the back steps to get to the deck.  I still have that shrink-wrap plastic on my patio door so I didn't dare open it.  It's still got work to do this winter ;)
There will be pots of herbs and greens out here this summer......

But for now I won't get in trouble from the HOA for not clearing it off  :)
Let's go back to those thoughts of potted herbs........mmmmmm!
Catch you later!  Stay warm.

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