Friday, December 28, 2012

Vacation week

It's been a truely strange week here, weather- and other-wise.  At the beginning of the year I scheduled this as a vacation week without having any plans but I've enjoyed doing very little (other than our family Christmas get-together.)

I took one day to hop around some secondhand shops and another to be with my mother.  Tomorrow I expect to stay inside and watch the plows as we get more snow.  The first batch (Wednesday evening) melted from rain on Thursday.

I also solved a storage problem by using something that was about to be discarded.  This is the leg portion of one of those old-style folding TV snack tables.  The plastic tabs on the metal tray-top snapped, rendering it useless.  I used an old cotton-webbing belt to make straps that would hold it steady.

Now it is a stand for a vintage suitcase FULL of old family photos.....

....and it keeps my gym bag handy.  No excuses!  * wink *

I also sealed up the drafty window in my bedroom and that c-h-i-l-l-y slider door in the kitchen.  This thin plastic may not actually make it warmer but keeping those drafts down makes it feel more comfortable.  (Along with my tres chic drop cloth drapery!)

I'm all set to ride out the snow.  I hope you're comfy, too!

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MYstory of HIStory said...

You are SO resourceful. That old photo storage/gym bag holder ... wow! I like it :) a lot!