Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's a start....

This morning everyone in our "idyllic" corner of New England was still just going through the motions of daily life while waiting for the second shoe to drop, the list of names and ages that would be made public.  Anonymity is safe.  Knowing the reality of it will break our hearts...again.

Even with this on my mind, my day was brightened as I drove through Stamford, CT and saw signs for a gun buy back being held  at the First Congregational Church today.  In my view, even if one gun was turned in, it would be a success.

This evening I heard that another buy back in Brooklyn yielded 134 guns today!  Many folks who participated did so because of yesterday's tragedy.  With the benefit of getting guns off the street and receiving cash (or debit cards) that would help in this holiday season, it's a win-win.

I am not against gun ownership and I can appreciate hunting but I draw a line in the sand closely after that, particularly against high-reload magazines and assault weapons (our federal ban was allowed to expire).  I applaud Mayor Bloomberg for speaking out so quickly, again, to challenge our nation's gun laws.

Please say a prayer tonight for the families.

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