Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The second thing....

I took advantage of the beautiful twist in the weather (60+ degrees after a freakish snow Nor'easter last week) to take my last Autumn road trip to Northern New England.  It was a madcap Saturday/Sunday trip, over 600 miles and numerous cups of java.

The funky clothing consignment store where I bring vintage items is closing after many wonderful years.  It was the perfect fit for a college town....unique and eclectic.  But it can be overwhelming to run a business and life can take a turn.  I wished the sweet owner all the best in her future endeavours as I picked up the last of my consignment items, which will go into my etsy shop soon.

As I ran through town, I visited with my youngest son and my future daughter-in-law.  They always amaze me.  Two very sincere young folk who live life to the fullest.  They enjoy the outdoors and doing, being.  I think they've discovered the secret to happiness that we all seek.

There is another consignment shop on my rounds, where I found two great tops.  It's been cool in the office and I wanted something to wear over a light blouse.  These two will be perfect and they were on the dollar rack....score!

Then I met up with old friends, had a wonderful home cooked dinner, chatted till late, and slept like a log.  It was a shame to have to leave on Sunday morning but I drove home, unpacked, and settled down with a nice cup of tea.

So yesterday I was saying that two things caught my attention during the past few days, one being tagged to answer some questions about me.  The other was something else I want to do with crafting.  I love repurposing things, making something new from old, so I am embarking on a quest to learn a new skill.  My sister-in-law is going to show me how to use her new "sewing" machine which does everything except scramble eggs.  Yes, it quilts, too, and I may take advantage of that.  All of this comes 'round to opening a new etsy shop which will be for my creations.  I will have it set up before this year's end.  All this hectic year at work, I wondered if there wasn't a more personal, meaningful way of life for me.  This is my first step in finding out.  Please wish me luck.

Have the best day yet!


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Maria said...

Of course, we wish you the best of luck with your new shop! It is very exciting!

I'm glad you had a good (if brief) trip up north to see your family and friends!

Crazy weather isn't it???