Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gearing up for gifting

Our department joined with another at work so that we share an open office space.  Along with that, we have three long-term temps working with us.  I have decided not to increase my gift expenses at work, but to make the same amount go twice as far.  How many of us get caught up in the office holiday gifts...buying for folks out of obligation.

I looked through to find something.....something.....unique.  With all those crafty folks, of course I found the perfect thing!  I've sent for these seed papers and will put one in each card for the folks in my open plan office.  No favoritism and no one will be left out.  The best part is that I am supporting an individual, like myself.  (I also found instructions online to make these, and it is very simple and fast!  If you are interested, it looks like fun.  Due to the time of year, I don't have access to seeds so I'll save that thought for next year.)

Yesterday afternoon my throat started that slight scratchy-ness to let me know that I'm in for a bit of a cold.  And yes, this morning it is full-on hurting.  I'm off to pick up some fresh ginger to mix up some of this.  I stumbled on this recipe two days if it was waiting for me.  I think some zinc lozenges and this mixture will be by my side for a few days.

I mentioned some sewing in my last post.  Well, I'm proud to show you what I made.  I used the scarf instructions in Denyse Schmidt's book "Quilts" to put together a foundation-pieced wool scarf.

The materials are all new but could have been recycled.  All the wool pieces had been given to me, I had the muslin to use for the all I bought was a half yard of a very soft, thin velour-ish fabric for lining and accent stripes.

I added a section of vintage lace.

It's super easy although time consuming, having to press each piece after stitching so they lay flat.  I will be making another without the lace, and they will be sent off by the end of the week.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and a great week.  I'm going thrifting today to see what I can find.  After that, there's a turkey in my fridge waiting to be roasted!



Maria said...

The scarf is beautiful - you are really talented!

I hope the cold gets better fast - I am a firm believer in the power of echinecea and zinc!!

God Bless!

MYstory of HIStory said...

That scarf looks cozy, warm & a tad romantic :) VeRy VeRy Nice! :)