Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Status quo

I saved the hot water in the heater for this morning to take a shower before work, which resumes today.  Just thinking about the backlog waiting for me....I shudder!  But I'm sitting in Bruegger's Bagel shop enjoying a smooth cup of java, a bagel, and their internet service.

A quick ride yesterday afternoon was quite surprising.  I found that the power is on a half block from me, with business on main street busier than a Saturday afternoon.  But in other areas roads were blocked and detours wove through neighborhoods.  One particular street had power on one side but not the other, as evidenced by extension cord after cord running across the road, from one kind neighbor to another.

We're right along the shore, as you can see here.  The outer bands of the hurricane pushed swells into Long Island Sound, which had no place to drain.  Combined with the length of the storm, there were several high tides forcing water where it usually didn't go, which is how NY City was hit so bad.  I have no right to complain.  I will survive.  By tomorrow morning the gym will be open and I can use their shower facilities.  However, my 93 year old mother is still without power.  She is faring very well and wants to stay put.  My brother and his wife have been checking on her and bringing her hot meals.

Don't take what you've got for granted.....especially that hot cuppa!

Gotta go to work now.  Have a blessed day.


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Maria said...

God bless your mom for staying where she is, but it may get cold tonight!!!

I hope you get that power back soon! We still have no power at work (Milford) and no time frame of getting it back on. With the fire here in Milford today (I-95 closed), it made our predicament at work even worse! But I have heat at home!!!!