Monday, October 29, 2012

Pins and needles

Around 7 this morning, my boss will be calling to let me know if the office is open today.  Since yesterday afternoon the tall pines outside the front door have been waving around and will certainly be a frightful sight later today, when winds may reach 80 mphs.  My cell phone, laptops, and kindle are fully charged.  My eton radio and hand-crank flashlights are on the table and I bought batteries for my old Sony Walkman.  The gas stations were running out of gas yesterday, so I'll have to ration the half-tank in my car.  The Weather Channel is streaming live this morning on the internet and our local radio station is devoted to updates and closings.

The predictions are that this will be the worst storm to hit the southern New England coast in 70+ years.  Neighborhoods along the shoreline have had mandatory evacuations.  If power is lost, it may stay out for several days.  On Saturday afternoon I saw several utility trucks from out of state convoying in.  Many thanks to them for giving their time and efforts.

I've been through many snowstorms.  They come and you work through it.  This is different.  It's so strange to watch and wait, not knowing what the wind will do.

If you're already affected by this, or waiting for it, or any other weather issues...stay safe!


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Sue McPeak said...

YOU be safe as well. Sounds like you are well prepared. We'll be watching the weather reports here in Texas. We've had some doozies, but this storm has predictions beyond belief. Got your knitting handy? You can knit by lamplight if need be. It's always a comfort for me to have something in my hands to do during a stressful time...or anytime for that matter.