Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last of the summer blooms

Friday and Saturday nights were cold enough to warrant bringing the flowers inside.  We didn't have a frost but it was quite chilly.

My large pot of parsley and basil have been clipped for use before this photo was taken, and will be completely cut and frozen today.  I will probably put the pot back outside for the winter, knowing that parsley roots sometimes withstand the cold and surprise us in the Spring with regrowth.

My geranium grows like this every year and I cut it back every Autumn before bringing it in for the Winter.  I got it in the year 2000 at a high school awards dinner.  My middle son was in the vocational culinary program, continued on to culinary school, and is now a chef de cuisine at a distinguished restaurant.

The centerpieces on the tables of that awards dinner were potted flowers that we each took home.  (It can be seen in the very foreground of this photo.)  My geranium survived three houses and a "plant sitter" during my last move.  Each year I think about rooting cuttings from it but I've never tried rooting powder.  I'd appreciate any tips if you've tried this.

So as I'm cleaning out the flowerpots, I'm thinking about a deck covered in flowers and herbs next summer!  How about you?

Enjoy your Sunday!



Impera_Magna said...

That is one hardy geranium! Beautiful color too!

I love fall but preparing for winter... not so much...

Sue McPeak said...

What a beautiful geranium! It's my all time favorite summer flower and it does really well here in Texas. I've rooted many of them over the years. Sometimes with root powder and other times by just sticking them in the dirt. I've even rooted them in water.

I'm ready for some cooler weather, and looks like the nights are headed in that direction in the coming days. The days are still in the high eighties and a few possibly going to be 90.

Have a great week.

Christy said...

The storm is meant to be coming this weekend so should get some of my herbs and things picked.

Geraniums are amazing, I was visiting Scotland one year and the entire greenhouse at a castle was just for geraniums climbing up the walls.