Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Status quo

I saved the hot water in the heater for this morning to take a shower before work, which resumes today.  Just thinking about the backlog waiting for me....I shudder!  But I'm sitting in Bruegger's Bagel shop enjoying a smooth cup of java, a bagel, and their internet service.

A quick ride yesterday afternoon was quite surprising.  I found that the power is on a half block from me, with business on main street busier than a Saturday afternoon.  But in other areas roads were blocked and detours wove through neighborhoods.  One particular street had power on one side but not the other, as evidenced by extension cord after cord running across the road, from one kind neighbor to another.

We're right along the shore, as you can see here.  The outer bands of the hurricane pushed swells into Long Island Sound, which had no place to drain.  Combined with the length of the storm, there were several high tides forcing water where it usually didn't go, which is how NY City was hit so bad.  I have no right to complain.  I will survive.  By tomorrow morning the gym will be open and I can use their shower facilities.  However, my 93 year old mother is still without power.  She is faring very well and wants to stay put.  My brother and his wife have been checking on her and bringing her hot meals.

Don't take what you've got for granted.....especially that hot cuppa!

Gotta go to work now.  Have a blessed day.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

power out

My power went out yesterday at 5pm and our local radio station went down just after 8.  Living in the dark is fine, although not knowing what is happening in the outside world has proven to be frustrating.  So much so that I walked to McD's to use their wifi.  I am not looking forward to opening my fridge tomorrow with a trash bag in my hand.

So many people without power.  I hope all is well with you.

I will post as soon as power and internet return.


Monday, October 29, 2012

The wind does blow

It's been like this since yesterday....continual wind.  These pine trees were thick and lush but now half the needles are gone, the wind has been that strong.  One of them lost it's top last year when Hurricane Irene paid a call to us.  I'm hoping they make it through this storm, especially with all the cars parked nearby.

And Sandy isn't leaving until tomorrow

Pins and needles

Around 7 this morning, my boss will be calling to let me know if the office is open today.  Since yesterday afternoon the tall pines outside the front door have been waving around and will certainly be a frightful sight later today, when winds may reach 80 mphs.  My cell phone, laptops, and kindle are fully charged.  My eton radio and hand-crank flashlights are on the table and I bought batteries for my old Sony Walkman.  The gas stations were running out of gas yesterday, so I'll have to ration the half-tank in my car.  The Weather Channel is streaming live this morning on the internet and our local radio station is devoted to updates and closings.

The predictions are that this will be the worst storm to hit the southern New England coast in 70+ years.  Neighborhoods along the shoreline have had mandatory evacuations.  If power is lost, it may stay out for several days.  On Saturday afternoon I saw several utility trucks from out of state convoying in.  Many thanks to them for giving their time and efforts.

I've been through many snowstorms.  They come and you work through it.  This is different.  It's so strange to watch and wait, not knowing what the wind will do.

If you're already affected by this, or waiting for it, or any other weather issues...stay safe!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

A beginning

I could easily have started something new, with all the ideas swimming around in my head, but instead I pulled out the last quilt top I made this summer for this Friday Night Sew In.  And so it began....


It took a while to baste the sandwich together, after which I stared at it to picture what elegant scrollwork to add in quilting stitches. However many designs I thought of, I decided that this simple bright quilt should have straightforward quilting.  I'm using masking tape again, to mark the stitching lines.

A plain outline of the colorful strips and a grid in the open areas.

It should be ready for binding by next month's FNSI!

Thank you to Heidi and Crafty Vegas Mom for hosting this wonderful opportunity for crafters to get together and share their progress, ideas, and projects!  Follow this link to see what great things are being made around the world during Friday Night Sew In!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last of the summer blooms

Friday and Saturday nights were cold enough to warrant bringing the flowers inside.  We didn't have a frost but it was quite chilly.

My large pot of parsley and basil have been clipped for use before this photo was taken, and will be completely cut and frozen today.  I will probably put the pot back outside for the winter, knowing that parsley roots sometimes withstand the cold and surprise us in the Spring with regrowth.

My geranium grows like this every year and I cut it back every Autumn before bringing it in for the Winter.  I got it in the year 2000 at a high school awards dinner.  My middle son was in the vocational culinary program, continued on to culinary school, and is now a chef de cuisine at a distinguished restaurant.

The centerpieces on the tables of that awards dinner were potted flowers that we each took home.  (It can be seen in the very foreground of this photo.)  My geranium survived three houses and a "plant sitter" during my last move.  Each year I think about rooting cuttings from it but I've never tried rooting powder.  I'd appreciate any tips if you've tried this.

So as I'm cleaning out the flowerpots, I'm thinking about a deck covered in flowers and herbs next summer!  How about you?

Enjoy your Sunday!


Saturday, October 13, 2012


Happy, happy, day!  Look at all the goodies!

My nephew's mother-in-law sent this bag of quilter's goodies to me.  What a very sweet woman.  Crafting folks are so thoughtful.

Over the last few years I have passed yarn and knit/crochet books to my nephew's wife.  I've seen her wonderful projects, beautiful afghans, and sweaters.  Her hands are always busy.

She has mentioned my quilting to her mother, who was happy to hear of someone who would appreciate supplies that she no longer needed.  And, oh my!, was I thrilled that she sent them to me!  I sat with all this treasure last night, wondering if I might live long enough to make all of the quilts in the books!  I'm especially interested in the white whole cloth quilt pattern.  I've always loved them, and might set this as a goal in 2013.  It's a thought.....

I love crafting friends, and all my friends here in the blogosphere....ones who I know and ones who I haven't met.  For the inspiration, and for the caring that they share.  Thank you all for visiting my little world.  Thank you to all who share ideas, tips, and friendly words.

We may have difficulties, there may be troubles in the world, but we can share of ourselves to make it a better place.  I hope you enjoy your visit here as much as I do.  Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Graduating in 1941

I seem to gravitate towards literature from the late 1930s to early 1940s, searching for clues to they way people lived back then.  I have a small set of diaries written by a young lad who later became a lawyer and judge in the area where I currently live, and I've read non-fiction that was recommended by online friends.  The strength and determination of our forebearers is inspiring.  So it almost seemed like Fate put this 1941 high school yearbook in my hands.
In the midst of worldwide turmoil, these young people were growing up, and enjoying their school days while becoming model citizens.  They participated in school plays, played football, debated, and enjoyed (or complained) about the cafeteria meals.

Girls kept their (mostly) shoulder length hair curled, created that notable "poof" on top, and sometimes used barrettes to hold the sides pinned back.  Guys wore their hair short and combed back, with the occassional fellow having his parted in the middle.

School chums formed strong friendships, dreaming about their future.  I love the end of this sentimental note...."Don't forget to have plenty of kids, after all you promised."  Girls still ultimately wanted to be homemakers and mothers.

And they lived all this while on the other side of the globe things were happening to change some of their lives forever.  How many of them would be sent overseas?  How many would spend months/years worrying about family members over there?  Did some of these very girls get jobs in munitions factories?
The letter to the graduates from the pricipal and the letter from the senior who was editor-in-chief of the school publishment "Log" put everything into perspective.
From the principal:  "Your whole school life since your kindergarten days has coincided with the years of the financial depression from which this country and the whole world have suffered.  You have witnessed economic chaos, misery, distress, and, more recently, the ruthless ravages of war....."  How telling is that!
The editor-in-chief wrote a wonderful three page letter, often drawing parallels between the sports scene and life at school with politics and world news.  This was the era of "wrong-way" Doug Corrigan.  The Democrats nominated Roosevelt for a third term.  A constant worry was the possibility of lowering the draft age.
My junior high and high school years were darkened by the conflict in Viet Nam.  We live in hard times now.  But I still have the greatest admiration for those who lived during the 30s and 40s, facing the unknown while living what should be their formative years.  The sweet innocence of youth.
If you enjoy vintage and history, please visit Colorado Lady's Vintage Thingie Thursday and see what everyone is sharing!  Thank you, Colorado Lady!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finished, at last!

For a small quilt, it took longer to hand quilt than I had anticipated.  Mostly because I kept getting side tracked.  But here it is!



Photos taken in the early hours this morning so I had to use indoor lighting.

This quilt has made me appreciate the bright, primary colored fabrics that I had shunned while working on ones that were more subdued, more like vintage reproductions.  It was fun, and I'll probably make more from similar fabrics soon.  But I've got something else in mind for my next project and I've already been sketching out the pattern.  I can't wait for the next Friday Night Sew In!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A successful prototype!

Not bad for a few hours last night!

I applied a lining to the book that I had gutted, adding elastic to hold in the corners of my ereader.  (Note: Since I had accidentally used white thread on a black application, I later touched up the stitches with a permanent black marker.  It worked like a charm!)

So now the e-reader fits nice and snug.


Open for watching a video....
But there's one thing an e-reader cannot do........
You can't stack them on top of a glued project to apply weight!
It was a fun project, and when I find a really interesting looking book, I'll make another one.  It will have to be something really outstanding....maybe it will have a great art-deco design on the cover.
Have a great day (or evening) and don't forget to have some fun :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, and time to get back on track

I completely went off track this weekend, not accomplishing anything useful around here.  Laundry was not done and cleaning was a quick wipe and shuffle.  Instead, I decided to take a look-see around the thrift shops.  I've run out of old aprons, the ones that aren't useful as originally intended but still have some good fabric remaining, and I haven't found any for quite some time.  Sadly, this excursion faired no better on that front.  But I did find a few other treasures.

I remember owning a hardcover copy of this book back in the 70s, when we had a small woodstove installed in the cape-style house we owned.  Wood stoves were a "new" concept in southwestern CT back then so we had to do a lot of research on our own.  I got this copy for twentyfive cents ;)   Sunday evening was wasted enjoyed by browsing through the pages.  It is absolutely chock full of info, from how each style of stove works to installation and getting airflow through the house.  It's a keeper (and might be passed on to someone in the family who has started the home-buying quest.)

I did stand at the book bins for most of my visit, looking for the perfect book to use as a kindle cover.  It had to have a catchy title of great graphics, and it had to measure just so.  No such luck this trip but I did get one to use for practice.  I have watched Youtube videos and read countless online instructions for making cloth cases, but my intentions were to keep the original cover on this one and use some soft leather as the lining.

I've removed the pages and it looks like a good fit.  My options for attaching the leather interior and padding seem to be something like Gorilla Glue, and I've got to figure out the way to affix the elastic holders before the leather is glued in place.  Kinda like thinking backwards.

I lucked into a handful of these sweet older sewing patterns.  They were in a bin of books that was just put out for sale.  The guys were busy grabbing books and didn't mind that I was reaching for "old paper stuff".  I may hold onto one that  really caught my eye, but the rest will be checked for completeness and put into my etsy shop soon.

There was a bit more, but that can wait.  I want to get some stitching done tonight.  Hope you all had a great Monday!