Wednesday, September 12, 2012


After I finished folding laundry I decided to stack everything I would need for this weekend in VT.  With the changing seasons, sometimes it's good to do this early so that I can add to or take from the pile as I listen to weather reports.  Already I've realized that the nights are much cooler and I'll be adding a heavy sweater.  I've also made a list of a few things that will travel with me, like the homemade jam that is going to family.

This trip will be bittersweet.  For as much as I love northern New England (any time of year!), some of my most precious reasons for going are no longer there.  Earlier this year my oldest son and his family moved to a much warmer part of the country, so the old farmhouse and all who lived in it (my four grandchildren) will be missing from my future trips.  All those little helpers in the kitchen....riding bikes around the barn........  I can't imagine not waking in the early morning hours to put another log in the wood stove, and having one or more kiddies sneak downstairs to sit with me and watch the snow falling in the otherwise still night, bundled up in blankets.  But sometimes our direction is guided by forces other than our own so, for the time being, visits will be farther between.

Much of this trip will be spent with my youngest son and my sweet future daughter-in-law.  We'll be at a concert (keeping an eye on the weather!) and I have some errands to tend to.  And, I must bring back a good supply of local maple syrup for the winter for both myself and my mother :)

I may only make one more trip up this year.  I'm debating whether to go in October or wait until late January and get in some good cross-country skiing......

I hope you're having a wonderful late Summer season.  Soon the trees will change into their fine Autumn wardrobe!



farmlady said...

Three years ago my youngest son, my DIL and my grandchildren moved twice as far away to live in my mom's old house and find jobs after going through some rough times when the economy took it's bad turn.
They are now back on their feet and both are working but... they are so far away. I miss them being only an hour from us but it was a good move for them and we get together as much as we can.
Sometimes life isn't convenient and families can't be together. Darn it!
Have a good time anyway and take photos to send to your son. He probably misses those trips too.

MYstory of HIStory said...

The description of your family times in VT sound like a scene from Little House on the Prairie. Good times. Precious moments. Hopefully you all can get together soon and enjoy exploring a new place together. Hope you have fantabulous fall fun in VT despite their abssence ... and YES - by all means - you MUST bring back Maple Syrup :)