Monday, September 17, 2012

Energy the word I would use to describe my weekend.  From the dramatic weather changes to the buzzing of tourists and students, it was charged with energy.  The city was absolutely filled with people....students, now feeling settled in their new location....tourists, gathering bits and rememberances in all the shops.....locals, enjoying the weekend, running errands, gathering at coffee shops with friends.

There were new sculptures scattered around.  I'm always grateful when anyone does something creative to add beauty to the world.  I love this gentle lion!

When I snapped this photo, I didn't realize the small tree in the background was the same color and the metal!

The weather played out that wonderful fable of the rivalry between the sun and the wind, in their test to see who was stronger by making a traveller remove his coat.  The wind blew harder and harder but the man only drew his coat more tightly around him.  Then the sun came out from behind a cloud and beamed down at him.  Within a short time the man removed his coat.  Friday was in the mid-80s, a gorgeous late Summer day.  Saturday morning started out the same, but by early evening it was time to dig out mittens and winter hats!  The strong wind came across the lake, bringing clouds and a few scattered raindrops.

We had tickets to a concert on the waterfront on Friday and Saturday night.  The opening bands were a combination of local and not-so-local groups, all of which were commendable and some of which were awesome.  The Carolina Chocolate Drops got everyone on their feet in the first few moments.  They play a combination of southern music and scat-style jazz, with a bit of gaelic added in.  Everyone loved them.

The show was arranged (and highlighted by) Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, who gave an incredibly energetic performance.  She opened with her new song "The Lion The Beast The Beat".  That gal seemed to get more energy as the show progressed!

The Avett Brothers sang on Saturday night to a sold out crowd.  That cold wind and those occassional raindrops didn't chase anyone away....and it was worth every goosebump!

As with any vacation or getaway, it ended too soon.  On a crisp morning, after a hearty breakfast of whole wheat pancakes with apples and walnuts ( and maple syrup ;) I began my drive home.  These folks were also travelling....

That little spot at the top of the photo is a hot air balloon.  What a glorious view they must have had!

I hope your weekend was filled with all sorts of energy, with some left to start the week!


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