Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Samosa patties

My cooking experiment for Sunday night was an adaptation of this recipe.  I get authentic samosas from a vendor at one of the farmers markets I go to when out of state. My favorite is their potato/chickpea blend.  So I decided to try to come up with something similar because the ones in the frozen section of the grocery store just don't compare.

One small can of chickpeas (garbanzos, ceci) were simmered to soften them so that they could be mashed.  A half cup of frozen peas were thrown in, just like in the ones I get at the market.  I had all the ingredients on hand except the chilies and garam masala.  I also decided to skip the dough wrapper and just cook them like potato cakes.

Yes!  Success!  They're not exactly like the farmers market ones but they'll satisfy me in between trips :)
And they're VERY economical!

(The color is a bit off due to the lighting in the photo.  It's getting dark earlier these days!)

Try something different ..... and Happy Eating!


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Maria said...

You got me on this one! I have never heard of it or seen it before! Very interesting!