Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mixing it up

Sometimes I try complicated recipes that I might find in a magazine at the hair dressers, and sometimes I just mix a few things together.  Lately I've been doing more of the latter.  Like with my favorite lunch from last week.

I bring my lunch to work almost every day, so one day I decided to try put a twist on a cup of cottage cheese.  Based on an intriguing recipe for jam made with peaches and basil, I added a cut up fresh peach and chopped basil.  It was good enough to be for the next day's lunch.  (If you don't like cottage cheese, try it with part skim ricotta.  It would be awesome lightly broiled over whole wheat toast.)

I took advantage of the zucchini overload from a coworkers garden and made the summer pre-requisite zucchini bread.  Yes, I gotta have that slice of homemade goodness each summer, but most of this loaf was then gifted to Mom and my neighbor.  I wanted them to try the awesome breakfast I had while away two weeks ago.  The breakfast special at a small restaurant was Zucchini French Toast with Honeyed Ricotta.  Ohhhh, was it good!  The zucchini bread was lightly dipped in egg (not too much, the inside was still dry) and topped with ricotta that had just a slight bit of honey mixed in.  No need for butter, syrup, or anything else!  I'm thinking I might have to hint for more zucchini......

Have fun with your food :)


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MYstory of HIStory said...

Peach Basil Jam??? Oooooh - I might just hafta try that!