Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Away....or not

I've been on a small staycation, or self-imposed retreat, as it were.  Escaping the hectic stress that is abundant in the workplace, I scheduled a few days for personal care.  Turning off the constant buzz at the office can be considered "personal care" for the body and soul.  A few days of good music, home cooking for every meal, and afternoon naps can be sooooo refreshing!  Listening to the thunder get closer and feeling the cool breezes as a storm approaches are things I haven't been able to enjoy in eons.  It could be midnight-black at noon and I wouldn't see the darkness, sitting at my cubicle in a windowless office.  Soooo......

I gave myself a long weekend without leaving home.  I was able to get close to finishing the baby quilt and drew up the plans for a lap quilt made from new materials.  They've now been pre-washed and ironed, ready for the rotary cutter.  I'll be joining this month's Friday Night Sew-In with either of these projects.  Please stop by Saturday to see photos of my progress.

Yesterday was my first day out and about.  I planned an excursion to the secondhand store a half hour away, which always turns into a full day adventure, and it did not disappoint.  Within one minute of walking in the store I found something I've been wanting for over a year.  Hint.....

Out came tables of goodies, a few vintage clothing finds, the Ball Canning book of the same year as the one I started with (which had a great picallily recipe), and so much more.  I'll be sharing photos of these finds over the next few days.

Today is a general cleaning day while waiting for the gas company technician to stop by and do the annual furnace tune up.  I'll handwash the vintage clothes and hope to take photos so they can go in my etsy shop.  I'm also thinking about doing some baking if the weather stays cool.  I'd better sign off now to get the most out of the day.  Soon enough I'll be back in my cube!

Hope all is well out your way, and that you're able to take a break for yourself.  Got staycation or vacation coming up?


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MYstory of HIStory said...

I love staycations. I like vacations too - but - there's no place like home :) Twister?! If you play that w/ your grandkids fun memories are sure to be made!!