Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vintage Thingy Thursday - 1/19/2012

I love the stories that belong to our vintage items, whether they be handed down from generation to generation or found in a secondhand store.  Some items remain a mystery forever and some give all the clues as to their former life, such as the yearbook I came across a few weeks ago.

I love to thumb through older yearbooks to see the often melodious names from years gone by.  You would travel far and wide to find a girl named Eudora these days and I haven't met a Clifford in four decades, although I'm sure there are some still around.  New parents haven't ventured beyond the family honorables and the famous actor(ess) for ideas to christen their children.  So I was amused with the various names in this high school yearbook from the late 1940s.  But even more interesting was the back story that this book revealed.  As I lifted it from the bin some papers and clippings started to fall from inside.  I slid them back in so that I could read them later.

When I sat down with this yearbook at home, I discovered that the former owner had several clippings of the singer Julius LaRosa.  Could she have known him and perhaps had a crush on him?  Hmmmm.  Then the little photo dropped onto the table.  A wallet-sized photo of a young LaRosa in his naval uniform with a clearly written message and signature on the back.

It seems that they were good acquaintances, after all.  His yearbook photo was signed to the owner complete with his phone number from that time.  (Remember when phone numbers started with two alpha-digits, such as MUrray Hill 7-xxxx or TOwnsend 9-xxxx :)   Even more amusing was his goal written at the end of his be a music teacher.  I remember my hometown radio station playing the "Italian Hour" on Sunday afternoons, and Julius LaRosa songs were played every week.  That wouldn't have happened if he went on to be a teacher.

I especially enjoy the poses of the young ladies in their photos in this book.  The camerman captured each student's spirit and beauty.  The hairstyles are soft and curly.  The wishes "To a swell girl..." are sweet.

While it is a shame that this small treasure is far from its original home, I will enjoy and share it with others.  I hope you enjoyed seeing it today!
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Now, how about a little music!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Nani said...

This is so cool! I love that you were able to give us the video to go with it too.

Did you look at Julius Larosa's website mentioned at the end of the video? SO cool to be able to tie it all together and see someone from the yearbook. (and he's still a very good-looking man!)

LV said...

Old year books can tell some interesting things. I will have to get mine out for a post one day.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh fun fun!!!

Never heard of him before, but the man can flat out SING!!

Not that he sings flat - - - but you know what I mean, don't'cha?

Speaking of yearbooks - - - my dad grew up in central Indiana where their year book was called the Cactus. IN INDIANA??? Really???

Anonymous said...

Oh, how fun! A very interesting post and video. Have a great weekend.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi friends!
I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing this book and the connection to the singer!

Hi LV,
I'd love to see a post with your yearbook. Please share!

Hi Keetha,
My high school always called their yearbook the Compass......I think I'd enjoy "Cactus" more ;)
Thanks for stopping by!

MYstory of HIStory said...

Whatta fun post! :)

Coloradolady said...

I never know how these things end up at thrift stores. Great find. Happy VTT

Annie said...

I remember very well when Arthur Godfrey fired Julius LaRosa—on the air! Before that, everyone liked Arthur Godfrey, but that changed dramatically. He should never have fired Julius in such a public way.