Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Over the (grocery) counter

There's some strange stuff in my fridge.....

Just before Christmas I stumbled on this recipe, and I don't even remember what link I clicked to get there!  At that time a co-worker had graciously shared their headcold with all of us in the office and I was sporting a red, runny nose.  I decided to skip the over-the-counter medicines and let Nature do what it does best.  (I admit to enjoying the menthol of Vicks Vaporub to help sooth my tissue-blowing irritated nose ;)   Within seven days my nose was back to normal....actually better than if I had taken any of the cold medicines.

I gathered up all the ingredients and mixed up a batch.  Realizing that I was already well into the cold season and that the recommended 8 weeks of steeping wasn't feasible, I decided to let it brew for about 4 weeks.  I would be able to start using it in late January.  There are still plenty of colds that travel through classrooms for the next few months.  Those parents in my office will be bringing in a few more surprises this winter, I'm sure!

So, here it sits about two weeks into development.  I may strain a small amount each week into a clean cup to sample.  Will it work?  Durned if I know, but it can't be all bad for you.  It's made with lots of good stuff!

Have you ever heard of a concoction like this?  Ever tried one?  The recipe is easy enough (although grating fresh horseradish is quite the experience!)  Let me know if you try this, and I'll post an update now and then.



Mary said...

If you drink any of that, or even absorb it through your skin, you will be excreting some mean smelling stuff. You won't get a cold because no one will get close! :-) Good luck on this experiment.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Mary,

That is exactly my one concern....but considering the way folks spread their germs around the workplace (seriously, do they have to lean over my desk to discuss a project when they're coughing?), it might be a good thing *wink*wink*

I'll only be taking a small amount of the strained liquid to see the effects. If it's bad, it wasn't a financial lo$$. And it may improve the "aroma" at the garbage bin for the condo complex!

MYstory of HIStory said...

Very Interesting! Not sure if I could swallow it (except in "cough drop" form w/ honey ...maybe :) - but as a compress or an inhalent to clear one's sinuses (& I'm pretty sure one stiff would do it! :) I think I could handle. ... And, I think Mary is on to some of it's other/anti-social "healing properties" as well ;) LOL!

Wendy said...

Sounds awesome! And I can see how it would be incredibly beneficial in any of the uses described. I'm not sure I could snort it, though. Ouch!

When I'm feeling a bit run-down, I've been known to toss down a shot glass of just straight apple cider vinegar. It has an interesting "bite" :).

For colds, we usually use pine tea, and for nose issues, I like a steam with spruce, a couple of drops of eucalyptus, and sage. It feels good and it clears things right up.