Monday, January 2, 2012

2012, here and now

Now that I've defined the direction I plan to take in this coming year, here is my short list of things I'd like to accomplish in that time.  Which, you can see, is more like expanding what was begun in 2011.

Make this a heart-healthy year.  My bicycling may be sidelined for this year :(   but I can walk during lunch.  Get back to the gym.  Use the pool at the recreation center.  Cook more whole meals at home.  And experiment with foods new to me.

Where I joined Friday Night Sew In six times in 2011, I'll participate in all twelve this year.  Not only is it a good way to get things done, it's great to see what everyone else is creating.  I'll be merging this with finishing up the two quilts that were started last year, some advance Christmas craft preparation, and some online sewing challenges.

I want to re-learn French.  After taking classes from 3rd through 9th grades in school, phrases come back to me during conversations.  Strange how that would happen after all these years....  I think there's someone or something trying to catch my attention, n'est ce pas?

Read more.  I have a wonderful literary "wish list" thanks to all the recommendations I've found online.  Those terrific books you review are noted for reference.

I'm not going out for the gold, here.  I won't be petitioning my homeowners' association to allow solar panel installation.  But I'm always looking for ways to reduce energy usage and make life better, in general.

We'll see what 2012 brings!  Wishing you a wonderful year :)



Yiota said...

Have a wonderful New Year!
Hope you manage to achieve all your goals.
I'd definitely like to be able to read more!

Mary said...

happy New Year, and I know you will achieve whatever you set yourself to. :-) As for French, my husband is in his 4 year of studying Spanish and is so proficient now.

Wendy said...

Sounds like some great goals.

We've found a wonderful French teacher for my girls, and since they are learning French, I get to practice mine. What I love is when they correct *me*. It means they're learning ... which is the whole point ;).

We decided to start with a bike generator for a couple of the reasons you mention in your post: while we're not restricted from having solar panels, it's not in the budget; which means, neither is a monthly gym membership. I figure I can kill the proverbial two birds by having an exercise option that also generates a little electricity ;).