Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some interesting tidbits for holiday thoughts....

I can't resist a weird headline.

I haven't had much time to scan the news on the internet lately but this wicked bad headcold has me wrapped in a lapquilt and jammies, catching up on the world.  I was tickled to find the two following articles.  You just can't make this stuff up!

They've found that your wonderful live Christmas tree may make you sick, or at least give you allergic reactions.  The mold spores will release in the warmth of your home and bother anyone suseptible.  I'm sure you can guess what the recommended solution would be....artificial.  And if you don't want to go that route you can "wash" your live tree before bringing it inside and remove it as soon as possible once the holiday has passed.  I just can't picture the Walton family washing their lovely real tree.....and I certainly hope you don't have this problem.  And if you do, please know that you are not alone in that.

Along with being able to rent a designer fashion or purse through the internet, someone finally figured out that parents will jump at the chance to rent toys for their children (kinda like Netflix.)  For a nominal monthly fee, you can browse through a selection of toys suitable for your child's age and development.  And the provider states that the returned toys are thoroughly cleaned before you receive them so you won't be skeeved when the package arrives.  Why couldn't I have dreamed up this one???

I hope you're enjoying wonderful time-honored traditions this holiday season!

Pssst....let's remember the reason for the season   ;)


MyStory of HiStory said...

Renting toys? hmmm. That IS a new one.

Do hope you feel much better very soon. And if I don't touch base here before then, I hope you enjoy a very Merry Christmas, friend :)

Maria said...

I hope you feel better before Christmas!

Renting toys....I'm trying to figure out if that is a brilliant idea or else a really silly one?

I can't see anyone washing a tree either....But what do I know! :)