Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 recap

As I get ready to move forward into 2012, I did a quick scan of my 2011 posts to see what exactly I did this past year.  In general, I was busy with business.  I think my year was not as productive as I would have preferred, but there were many thinks that never get posted.

Here are a sampling of what I accomplished over the past 12 months:

Quilting -
Applique floral wreath quilt top (to be quilted soon!  I promise)
Kaleidoscope quilt top (ditto)
Lap quilt completed and brought to quilt shop/for sale

Friday Night Sew In -
Participated six times (goal for 2012 is every month)

Green and Health related changes -
Decreased coffee comsumption/switched to roasted barley
Added barley as a major player in diet
Ditto kale
Experimented/added more "from scratch" recipes
Biking started out great but health issues sidelined me (hope to have this resolved this summer)

Reading -
America's Women
Pioneer Woman, High Heels to Tractor Wheels
A Year by the Sea
...and a few others I can't remember!

Knitting -
Finished my vest in time for the cooler weather

Survived the Hot, Hazy, Humid summer of 2011!
Hurricane Irene
The infamous Halloween Snowstorm

Family health issues kept me busy, but seem to be mending

Not nearly as much progress as I'd like to see, but ENOUGH of the looking back.  It's time to plan for the future!  I'll share those plans on Sunday :)

Right now I'm taking out one of those quilt tops and want to finish it this coming month.

AND....if you hear of any good on-line challenges, please let me know.....  greenvtr[a]yahoo[dot]com

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!


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Mary said...

PatternReview has a full lineup of online challenges and contests. Here is a calendar from my Pinterest board: