Friday, October 21, 2011

The beginning

My camera is now fully charged, after missing many terrific pictures these past few weeks including a flock of geese flying overhead yesterday.  I stop in my tracks whenever I hear a goose signalling the others and I wait until I can watch them pass by.  Yesterday's flock was a moderate size, about 20 birds.  The drop in the weather will soon bring larger groups.  My camera and I are ready.

After an incredibly hot, humid summer the nights are now in the 40's and the days reach into the low 60's.  My lunch break finds me taking advantage of those last few warm rays of sun, sitting outside the office.  This past weekend I finally closed my bedroom window, and during Tuesday's rain no windows were left open at all.  I have not even looked at the thermostat, yet.

Ah, Fall....are you ready?  Have you found your sweaters and started layering clothing?  Are the flower beds neatly cleaned for winter?

It's Friday, friends.  The weekend is upon us.  I hope yours is wonderful!


MyStory of HiStory said...

Happy Friday! Have a nice weekend!

farmlady said...

I've been waiting all Summer. I'm ready.
It's time.
You have a relaxing weekend too.
Glad you're back.