Sunday, April 17, 2011

The view from up north

Last weekend was a glorious weekend, and you'd surely agree if I said that it was too short.  Over 600 miles in 2 days, with time for visiting family.  Setting out in the car at 4:00am is so much easier in warmer weather than it was about a month ago.  I find that I can easily drive before sunrise in the warmer months, even though the temperature should have nothing to do with it.  Perhaps the chance of needing to stop makes me hesitant.  Anyway, I made good time and arrived at my first destination for a coffee and a visit with my youngest son and his girlfriend.

When the coffee cups were empty I ventured on to a small, independently owned shop to see what was new and interesting.  The owner is a great woman who has been in the consignment business for many years.  Her prices are reasonable and I've bought quite a bit of my wardrobe from her over the years.  I purchased one blouse for work and left after we finished chatting.

My grandchildren were getting ready to attend an Easter egg hunt when I arrived.  They were each carrying the bag of their choice for gathering their goodies.  I followed along and had fun watching all the age groups running around, scooping up plastic eggs filled with candies.  How wonderful it is to see the world through a child's eyes, where all that is important is that Tootsie Roll or roll of Smartees in a plastic egg!

When every egg was found and emptied, we made our way back to their house and started Spring clean-up in the yard on a warm, sunny afternoon.  The afternoon was completed by grilling our supper and eating outdoors.  My first hot dogs of the season tasted so good, having been cooked on the grill and eaten on the patio!

I took a few minutes to snap some photos around the yard to remember that beautiful day.  I hope you'll enjoy them.


inside the barn, taking advantage of the afternoon sun!

This structure has been here a long time, and will probably be here for quite a while longer!

The hayloft

The front step where the small milkbarn once stood.  This rock has been worn smooth from many footsteps over the years.

Sunday morning I was on the road early, with just a few stops to fill the gas tank and get my coffee for the drive.  I returned home with a bunch of hugs to hold me until next time.

* My bike comes along on the next trip.  We're all planning a ride on the bike path, maybe with a picnic lunch ;)

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