Saturday, April 16, 2011

Applique quilt top update and Spring thoughts

Friday Night Sew-In ended a bit sooner than planned.  (My eyelids just couldn't stay open!)  However, with the expected heavy rainfall tonight, I just might continue where I left off.  That would be here.....


I started the corner blocks, which each have a small "bouquet" of flowers that match the wreath medallion.  The entire quilt will have a "ribbon" that runs through the border with bows at each of the bouquets (if you can see it in the second photo, there is a pencil outline of the bow.)  I haven't decided which apron to use for the ribbon and bows.  When I get to that step I will cut a strip of each to compare it visually.  I'm one of those make-do stitchers.  I don't strictly follow the plans.  It keeps life interesting ;)

Here's a quick picture for you of some flowers I walked past this morning.  I love colorful little surprises!

Now I'm off to visit other stitchers to see what they accomplished last night.  Here's the link if you'd like to see it, too.

Don't let the chance to win some garden seeds slip by!  Check out my giveaway and add a comment to this post.  The drawing is Sunday evening :)


Anonymous said...

very pretty blocks will look great when all finished,well done

Impera_Magna said...

That's going to be a beautiful quilt... and I love that you're making it out of vintage aprons!

Maria said...

The quilt is just beautiful. It gets better and better after every Friday night Sew-in.