Monday, March 14, 2011

A suggestion

I thought that by eliminating my television it would be difficult to stay up to date on the news, but I find that I’ve been well read on the accounts of the events in Japan and the devastation that continues to unfold. I could not imagine losing my loved ones and my home in such a horrific way. How mind-numbing it would be to walk where your neighborhood once stood, seeing nothing but rubble. Life-long friends gone. Food, potable water, and shelter questionable. Sanitary conditions growing worse. The power that once warmed their homes may now be a danger to their lives. Life, as they knew it, forever changed. I pray for the people of Japan, for small miracles and large ones. For safety and health. For survivors to be found. For help from abroad. For strength.

Here is a link to many organizations offering help to Japan. If you would like to assist the aid efforts, you will find some good choices there.


Impera_Magna said...

Immense sadness that life will never be the same. I read about one woman, being interviewed, stating she wish she hadn't survived.

Praying for all impacted by the earthquake, the tsunami, and the potential for nuclear meltdown.

Maria said...

Mind-numbing is a great word to use for this whole event. I am trying to grasp it all, but it is hard. I have been praying for days and continue to do so.