Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

It's been a very hectic week at work and, as Murphy would insist, what can go wrong....will. The "wrong" was everyone falling ill, one by one, from those germs that spread around at this time of year. Ah, well. It happens. And....the weekend is here :)

The sunshine is quite a tease, beaming at me all day through the window at work. It beckons, asking me to come out and play, but one step out the door brings a reality check. At 5:00pm it's a windy 36 degrees and dropping quickly. Tomorrow may hit 50 but will be overcast with possible rain. I'll take a chance and go to the shore for a walk and some photos. I WILL replace the winter header this weekend! There aren't any flowers peeking out around here but I'll find something to photograph. Perhaps that flock of robins will be around. I've seen them twice this week, about 10 birds enjoying the sunshine on a patch of grass near work.

After work yesterday I drove up to the large secondhand store about a half hour away, just on a lark. Well, it was doubleknit heaven! Someone must have cleaned out an attic, and everything was from the 1960's and 70's. I haven't seen that many pull-on knit pants since I was a teenager. They were in very good condition, too. There was another gal there who filled two shopping carts with good quality items, and a few folks who took merely a handfull apiece. I found just over half a cart of treasures. I could have taken more but a lot were questionable in their appeal or where the fabric had faded along fold lines, the kind of damage that occurs in storage. It looks like I'll be doing lots of laundry this weekend. I will post photos so you can share the trip down memory lane with me ;)

Have you stopped by my earlier post to enter your name in the Welcome Spring! giveaway? The winner will be announced on Thursday, March 10th. Enter a comment on that post for a chance :)

Tonight is for resting, some cooking, maybe a little sewing, and lots of good music. I'll be back tomorrow with lots of pictures. See you then!

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Mug said...

Resting, cooking, sewing (well, maybe not sewing for me), and music.....and... maybe a good book...a bowl of popcorn popped in light tasting olive oil with a little sea salt....Mmmmm my kind of evening:)