Monday, February 28, 2011

Just what we've been waiting for

The temps are up a little and the rain (LOTS of it!) is melting the snow, but this evening during dinner I was so excited to hear geese overhead :)

Each fall their flights south signal that winter is coming and a few months later we hear them on their return trip north, a sure sign that nicer weather is on its way!

Tomorrow morning at 6:00 EST I will draw the name for my 1st giveaway this month. Add a comment to the post linked here for a chance!


Mug said...

Hmmm...we heard a flock of geese not too long ago...guess they were heading back your way:)
Hmmm...wonder if they were the same ones you heard....could be...:)

Hope our nice weather is headed your way, too!

farmlady said...

I heard geese yesterday when I was outside. What a wonderful sound it is. I looked up and saw them, in formation. They were headed north.
I think that Spring is upon us here in California. The weather folks predict rain and the temperature has gone up considerable.
Winter is losing it's hold on us.