Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Five Things

Maria really had me thinking early this morning. For anyone not familiar with my New England neighbor, she writes My Full Time Life and her life really is full, all the time! She's an energetic gal. She tagged me to list five things I wouldn't leave home without. Perhaps she's seen my small (overstuffed) purse! ;)

Well, here's the quick list -

My eyeglasses. I've been nearsighted since fifth grade, but I only wear them when driving. (I wore contacts when I was younger but vanity has moved on.)

Ponytail elastics. My hair is long enough to warrant being tied back whenever I darn well please :)

Cellphone. 'nuff said 'bout that.

Small pocket calendar. The One Dollar type, for appointments, birthdays, and scribbling down notes that I won't be able to decipher later.

And I never leave the house without making sure the heat and all unnecessary appliances are turned down or off. I hope that doesn't sound obsessive but one time I came home after two days away to find my home a nice, toasty 68 degrees! Those were dollars going up the chimney :(

Now I should ask two more bloggers to play along although everyone is invited, if you so choose :)

How about:

Mug from ParadingChicks

Impera_Magna from The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe

Care to post 5 things you wouldn't leave home without?

P.S. Don't forget about the upcoming Friday Night Sew-In on February 18th!


Maria said...

My eyeglasses are always on my face, so I totally forgot about that one!!!!

I met Mug today - she stopped by my blog to say hi.....I didn't realize she was from Parading Chickens....I love those darn things.....

Courtney at SL's No Ennui said...

Great list! Those photos farther below of the desserts are WOW!

(I had some serious catching up to do over here!)

Mug said...

O.K. FarmGal, challenge accepted:)....I'll be pondering my 5 things for a post later on Thursday or early Friday...Hmmm...the hard part will be to narrow it down to my TOP 5. I grew up in the country , and a day in town meant just going back home in between stops so you had better have what you thought you might need and have done whatever needed doing! Old habits die hard, you know:)
I'll also be pondering who to pass the task on to....