Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Small Change, renewed

I've been trying to find a change that I could really get into, something challenging. I'm still doing all those little changes that I started since last January (along with some other eco-friendly habits that I already had before that), and there are a few options for changes that are really not my preference (or I'm just not ready to try.) But, while reading the comments on the welcoming January 2011 post of Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change blog, I was immediately taken by the proposed plan of a writer who signed in as "House in the Trees." Their change was to turn lights out at sundown one day a week. Now THAT is a challenge I could take on!

Weeknights might be difficult since it's already dark before I leave work, but who's to say I couldn't unlock my door and have dinner by candlelight? (Nothing that would need to be cooked. Cheese and crackers, maybe?) This also means no computer, so I'll have to catch all the news on the car radio on my way home from work. A weekend night would work if I program my thinking so that there is no slacking about switching off the electric lights when the sun goes down. But I think that a utility-free weeknight would be more appreciated; stress-less, so to speak.

So I plan to begin this practice next Tuesday. It won't be any more than a drop in the bucket, as far as electricity goes, but it could be interesting!

Take a look over at the One Small Change website, to see what other folks are doing to reduce their impact on the Earth. Maybe you'd like to try a small change for yourself? Joiners welcomed!


farmlady said...

It will be "one small change" and that is how it starts.
Let us know how it works and how you reacted to being in the dark without the noises of technology.
Good for you and good luck.

Canadian Doomer said...

Now that is one of the most interesting - and potentially useful, considering oil concerns - challenges that I have ever seen.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Thanks, I'll update on Wednesday :)