Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nothin' much planned

The plow truck came by before noon to clear the driveway at the condominium complex. That's when you meet all your neighbors :) It's a rule that when the plow comes by after a snowstorm, you have to move your vehicle so he can clear the lot (thank goodness!) So we chat and laugh while we help each other clear the snow from our vehicles, and you get to learn a little more about the folks you wave "hello" to all year 'round. It took almost two hours to get our section cleared, and I really felt sorry for the plow driver. There really was no place to push all that snow. He did a great job and I'm sure he's still out there, somewhere, clearing more.

After all the *fun* I took a walk over to the main road. (A neighbor told me that Dunkin' Donuts was open.) My summertime walk of 25 minutes took over an hour, mostly because of the unplowed roads, but also because I chatted with every person who was out shovelling their driveway. Might as well be cheerful and friendly! After all, these folks are going to be sore tonight.

This is pretty much what my neighborhood looks like today. On dry days this is a two+ lane road, with room for parked cars on both sides of the street. Today it can accomodate only one car at a time. Perfect reason not be driving, right? ;)

My last task of the day was to get some clean snow from out the back door to make.....


(I haven't made it in years, and just couldn't resist.)

And only two more days until the weekend! Woohoo! I hope you've all had a wonderful day and that you all sleep well tonight :)


Maria said...

The pictures are beautiful! Snow really is nice if you don't have to drive in it!!!

I'm glad you enjoyed your day off!

Mug said...

What beautiful snow! It looks so powdery.....Love the photo of the cup of "snowcream"!:)

MyStory of HiStory said...

Sounds like a lovely day! Snow cream?? I'm intrigued! I've made spoon/snow candy before - but never snow cream.