Thursday, December 16, 2010


The long tails of my scarf that would inevitably unwrap from around my neck while my arms were full would get me frustrated. I've even had one flapping behind me while treading to the car in mid winter, loaded down with groceries. It certainly wasn't keeping my neck warm.

Two winters back I was cruising through knitting and crocheting blogs (oh, happy place, the internet:) and found some instructions for scarflets, which are short scarves that button, or otherwise hook, around your neck. They easily tuck into your coat and keep your neck cozy warm. I used yarn from a thrifted green sweater to make one for myself and found that I wear it more than any other scarf that I own. It's gotten a bit shabby now and I'll probably make a replacement sometime this winter. Or next.

Here are some photos of scarflets, and also some links to blogs with instructions for making one. There are some beauties out there.

Bella Knitting

Red Threads

Adventures in Running and Crafting

Dollar Store Crafts

Get your crafting on!

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Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

I like the one with the multicolored buttons... and the swirl buttons, too!