Saturday, November 20, 2010

Taking time to be thankful

Taking time during the most hectic part of the year to reflect on people we take for granted.

The people who operate shelters for the homeless

Those who give their time to work at "kitchens" to feed the less fortunate

Anyone who organizes food drives, and all who contribute

Workers helping handicapped patients, regardless if the infirmity is physical or mental

Families who will take in a child in trouble

Regular folk who take time from their busy schedule to help build or rehab housing

Moms and Dads who lead scout troops

Anyone who donates their time to 4H

Folks working/running large farms, for the hard work they do to put food on our table

Folks running small farms organically, whether certified or not, because they believe in it

Our troops and national guard, all of them, wherever they are

Parents who help at their childrens' schools

School crossing guards who make sure our children get to school safely

All the volunteers who stand out by the red kettle in the cold, wet, snowy weather to ring the bell and thank US for our donation

I'm sure you can think of ones I haven't listed. This year please keep them all in your thoughts when you give thanks.


abby jenkins said...

Amen Sister! I am right there with you. I have instituted the Nine Days of Thanks Giving on my blog. Check it out, we are on the same page for sure.

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

What an amazing list. It indeed made me think outside of the box on being thankful :)

Have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!