Saturday, October 2, 2010

Itching to be stitching, went for supplies

I wanted to find a man's suit jacket. One that I could deconstruct and refashion into something unidentifyably different. And I would need a unique material to use for a lining for this refashion. So I wandered off to the Goodwill. I did not expect to find the tables full to overflowing with goods. There was a virtual cornucopia of books. It was just too easy to load up a basket with...stuff.

I found the jacket, actually two, and two different blouses of fancy fabric that will be used for linings. I also found a few yards of wool and heavyweight cotton fabric that will be made into dresses or skirts for winter.

I took a quick look through the books. And I did bring a few home. There were five December issues of the major magazines from the 70's and 80's. Do you remember the ones that had hundreds of cookie recipes and last minutes gifts to make or decorations for the house? We actually had these very issues when they were published.

I couldn't resist these two photographs, especially the little girls sitting at the table, all dressed up with hair combed and trimmed. The photo of the choral group was taken at Christmas, with a decorated and lit tree on each side of the room. There is no writing on the back of these photos, no names, no dates. No one to claim them. I'll give them a roof over their heads.

But if I could have only picked one thing to keep, I would have to choose this tattered copy of the Rumford Complete Cookbook. The spine cover is missing, the covers are off, pages are ripped and stained. But the previous owner really cooked and baked. All the empty pages have handwritten and newsprint-clipped recipes, some with personal notes like "1-24-66 very good" or "moderate oven. I used 400" and "3rd from top for cupcake tins".

There's even a clipping explaining how to render fat, stating that if it is done right it will stay creamy and smooth, even through the hot summer months. Gee, no stopping at the drive-thru for that homemaker!

I'll be sitting at my sewing machine this week, now that it gets dark early. I'm loaded up with supplies. No excuses :)

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