Saturday, August 7, 2010

One week ends, a new week begins

This was a very hectic week at work, keeping me there late a few nights. So I am opting to put some miles between myself and the old week with my bike. Cleaning can wait until tonight. Or tomorrow night? ;) I haven't been on the path near Sleeping Giant state park in a few months so I'm headed there in a few minutes.

My sister-in-law VERY generously gave me quite a few pieces of the plaid wool fabric I mentioned the other day. They're beautiful and of excellent quality. Some of the pieces are just a yard in length which may not be enough for a skirt, considering matching the plaids. I'd be happy to just get one skirt and one jumper out of all this! I'll return whatever I can't use so that she can offer them to other friends who sew.

I spent Saturday afternoon stitching little posies on my light sweater, formerly a men's pullover shirt. I decided to go a-symmetrical and let them wander over the shoulders and down one arm.

I had cut the sleeves shorter on this knit two button pullover, then slit the front center and removed the collar. Next the bottom ribbing was removed.

To keep the knit fabric from stretching, I ran a line of stay-stitching near the cut edges using paper so that the presserfoot would not distort the fabric. Then I just tore off the paper. I took in the sides and sleeves and hand rolled the edges. I pinned the flower chain a few different ways before I chose the uneven placement.

I like the weight of the fabric. It's just enough to wear to work on a fall morning, when you know you won't need it in the warmth of the afternoon.

I took everyone's suggestions for cleaning the cast iron skillet, and spent an hour or two scrubbing. I started with the least offensive option (and least messy), using a potato and some bon ami. I think this would work for a pan that was in my use for a while and needed a good general cleaning. But this pan had a lot of old use built up. So I went to the store to get some steel wool and happened to find a copper scrubbing pad. It was more substantial and proved to be a good choice. I gave the skillet a decent scrub, followed by a light rubbing with a salt-and-lemon juice paste to clean up any leftover rust. Then two good washes and a seasoning with oil. The outside still shows some built up history, but the inside is clean enough to cook on. I'll wash and season it one more time before I use it for food, but I'm quite happy with the result. Maybe just in time to bake the whole wheat No Knead Bread that's rising in my kitchen today!

The sun's up and I'll be on my way. There's a coffee and bagel shop along that bike route. That will be my treat at the finish :)

Hoping you find some fun today!


Mary said...

Hope you had a great bike ride. I am recovering from a hamstring pull so my biking is taking place at PT :-) I have a Giant electric bike-have you seen these?

Cool score on the fabric!! I've used wool remnants for hats-check out some hat patterns. I find them fun and satisfying to make.

Maria said...

That pan looks awesome. And so does the sweater!! I hope you enjoyed the bike ride! It was a beautiful day!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi folks,
I slept very well last night after that ride (18 miles with a few hills).

Hi Mary,
I've only seen e-bikes online. I haven't seen one up close. I'll bet they're useful!
Hope the PT is going well!

Hi Maria,
Thanks. The pan re-birth was a work of love :)
Agreed - yesterday was a great day!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Wow - what a transformation that white pullover underwent! Amazing. Very nice job on that!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi MyStory,
Thank you :)