Monday, August 23, 2010


I apologize for the "thin" postings lately. Life got in the way, as it so often does.

We've got a family wedding coming up, out of town, so I'm helping my mother shop for an outfit. I'm doing the "previewing" - dashing around stores to find options, then bringing her to try on and choose. We did good today, and all that's left are shoes and a purse. We'll find those over Labor Day weekend. Then I'll have to find something for me to wear. It turns out that I have no dressy clothing in my closet. And I have a serious deficiency in footwear. Aside from all that, I'm really looking forward to the wedding of this sweet young couple. And to seeing (most) of us together again! (Reminder: charge the camera battery!!!)

There was a bit of a dilemma to be dealt with this past week. I'm one of those folks who has lots of clothes in the closet, but only wears about 20 percent of them. This hit me while reading a post about choosing what to buy/make, and setting guidelines. I realized that most of what I have does not express my personal style. It's not what I'm comfortable wearing, so the clothing is just taking up space. Cheap does not always equal a good choice. So I started having a little clean-out.

4 pr pants, 2 dresses, 14 tops

My moment of enlightenment came when I found three white cotton tops that I used to wear, but not so much anymore. A cotton pullover top, no matter how nice, still ends up looking like an undershirt. These three have been cut into cleaning cloths :)

I've come to a huge decision regarding my affliction. I'm hopelessly lured by the thrill of the hunt for anything vintage, and the results are filling a closet. It's time to clean out the closet. So I'm currently taking photos and getting everything ready for sale. My hopes are to set up an etsy shop, opening in September. Clothing, patterns, and trims will be offered. Vintage should be enjoyed, not stored!

Oh, and I'll be heading north this coming weekend to visit my little sweethearts before they start the school year. I've got a bag of school supplies for them. And a few hugs :)

The weather went all hot and humid again, dang it! This has been the craziest summer I've ever seen. It's in the high 80's and some trees are turning color already. Summer is flying by! I hope you are all enjoying what remains. It's part of the cycle, don't wish it away ;)

My posting may be erratic till next week, but I'm around and keeping up with your writings.

Have a great Monday!


farmlady said...

I understand the "clothes in the closet that never get worn." syndrome. You have given me motivation to try something similar. It's time.

Mug said...

Me, too!